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Utalk is one of the fastest-growing online schools found in the City of Baguio. Our company is based in China and we are affiliated to more than 20 Chinese schools with more than 200,000 elementary, middle school, and high school students.


Our family is composed of young professional teachers and we want to set a good working environment and sustain employee enthusiasm.


We are proud to say that we are one of the most stable companies in the city .We selected teachers who are well-versed in the use of the English language to ensure that we provide quality classes to our students.

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In addition, we believe that our teachers are equally important as our students. Competitive salary package is given to our hired teachers with an opportunity for career advancement.



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Human Resource Manager
Must have Bachelor's Degree in Human Resource, Psychology or equivalent; At least 3 years working experience as an HR Manager; Preferably Assistant Manager/Manager's specializing in Human Resource or equivalent in an educational i...

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Online English Teacher
Must have reached at least college level;Good command in the English language;Good multi-tashing skills;Computer literate;Teachers with CELTA/TESOL/LET Certification will be prioritized;BPO or ESL experience is an advantage;Fresh ...

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PHP Application Developer
if ($knowsPHP) {
   echo "Join uTalk DevTeam Now!";
} else {

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Life is like an opera, if you do not immerse yourself into the role, you would not get the feeling. Once you own it, you are that character.

Wangshu Li
General Manager, Utalk Tutorial Services

I want my student to see me as that teacher who gives a nodge whenever a student loses her confidence that grammar is important but the thought is way more important. A world needs educators and supporters more than ever, I want to be that teach...
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Vivian Joy

Teaching English has always been my passion. I've been teaching English for quite a long time but teaching English here in Utalk is a different experience, it is amazing and enlightening.
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Sarah Joy

Teaching is not just saying "A, B, C" or "1, 2, 3", it is more of giving them a piece of your heart every single day to touch their lives in more ways than you can count.
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Learning is a two way process, they learn from you and you learn from them as well, it makes me happy that I'm a part of the journey learning the English language.
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Elenea Mae
UTalk Website Released!
02 May 2017 | News | Software Application Development Department
UTalk website has been released! 

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