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Exciting Activities this July!
By HR and Communications Department
11 July 2018



The Marketing and Communications Department (MaCD) of UTalk has lined up two exciting activities for UTalkers this July. First in the list is dubbed as “Race to the Finish Challenge” scheduled on July 20, 2018. This activity will test the participants’ wit, strength, endurance, speed, heart and teamwork. Each team will be represented by 5 members who will be asked to complete several tasks within the shortest possible time. The team that gets to complete the tasks the fastest will be declared as champions. The champion, along with two other runners-up teams, will win corresponding cash prizes. The new team names will also be officially launched during this activity. It'll definitely be even more exciting as we reveal all 16 team names!

The second July activity is set to happen on July 27, 2018. This marks the birth of the exclusive skills club for UTalk employees. The “U-Skills Sharing Club” aims to serve as an avenue for all members of the UTalk community to share their special skills and talents to their fellow employees. Our online teachers and non-teaching support team members will be given the chance to learn from each other and by doing so, promote individual growth and additional learnings that are not exclusive to what they do as employees. UTalk believes that learning is a never ending process that is why this club is set to bring more positive opportunities to UTalkers to freely exchange skills.

Stay tuned and keep updated for these events and the upcoming UTalk activities throughout the year by checking the Announcements section of www.utalkphil.com.

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