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Race to the Finish: Challenge Accepted!
By HR and Communications Department
23 July 2018

Neither the rain nor the thick fog was able to stop the 5 UTalk teams that participated in the recently concluded UTalk Race to the Finish Challenge 2018. They were the epitome of the saying “If there’s a will, there’s a way” as they braved the challenge of the current Baguio weather to represent their teams in the race.

The five teams that took on the challenge this year were : Team Formidable Hydra (LD Department); combined Team Magnanimous Shisa (Admin Department) – Team Majestic Unicorns (HR Department); Team Gallant Valkyrie (Team Young – Education Department); Team Humble Asuras (Team Jennifer –Education Department); and Team Assiduous Avalokiteshvaras (Software Development Department).

UTalk Race to the Finish Challenge 2018 was designed to test teamwork, endurance, speed, patience, strategy and wit of the participants. All five teams came prepared and went through the tasks per pit stop with determination. No member was left behind as each team made sure to encourage and support each of their members to complete the assigned tasks.

Since the goal of the race is to finish the tasks within the shortest possible time, Team Formidable Hydra (LD Department) bagged the grand prize with their official time at 15:10:32. Coming in second was the combined teams of Majestic Unicorns (HR Department) and Magnanimous Shisa (Admin Department) who finished the race at 18:03:82. Bringing home the third prize was Team Assiduous Avalokiteshvaras (Software Development Department) completing the race with the end time of 18:49:22.

This activity also marked the official launch of the respective 2018 Team Names of each UTalk Department. There are a total of 16 teams with each carefully choosing their own mystical creature that best embodies their team’s character. Each team also has its own official color which they will use in the upcoming exciting UTalk events as a way to identify their respective teams.

Congratulations to all winners and participants of UTalk Race to the Finish Challenge 2018! You can expect bigger, better and more exciting challenges in  next year’s race. Stay updated UTalkers on how you can be part of the 2019 race by checking the UTalk website and Dingtalk announcements.



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