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August is National Language Month
By HR and Communications Department
30 July 2018

UTalkers are in for another fun celebration as we commemorate the proclamation of Filipino as the Philippine’s National Language under the Commonwealth Act No. 570 of 1940. This law was later amended and strengthened in 1997 via the Presidential Proclamation No. 1041 whereby declaring the whole month of August as Filipino Language Month.

In observance of this nationwide celebration, the Marketing and Communications Team has prepared an exciting contest entitled “Pamilipit- Dilang Patimpalak” (Tongue Twister Challenge) set to happen on August 17, 2018. The activity will have teams from both Abanao and Quezon Hill centres prove how well they can flawlessly recite some well-known Filipino tongue twisters.

It is the goal of this celebration that UTalkers reflect on the pivotal role that language plays in the development of culture and its people’s character. We aim to make UTalkers realize the fact that we are a nation whose ability to learn diverse languages is something to be proud of. We would like to bring forth a renewed equal appreciation of what makes the business (excellence in the English language) and what makes the people behind the organization (cultural relevance of the Filipino language).


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