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Creative Minds Come Together for UTalk Mascot Design Contest 2018
By Marketing and Communications Department
24 September 2018


Recently concluded Mascot Design Contest which had its awarding ceremony on September 21, 2018 was one of the many proofs that talented UTalkers are always ready to shine. The contest, which ran from mid-August until mid-September, had several UTalkers both from China (CH) and Philippines (PH) sites eagerly participate. In fact, there were a total of 12 entries for the design contest all of which emphasized the ability of UTalkers to think creatively and out-of-the-box whenever the situation calls for it.  

The selection process took roughly a week when select judges from both PH and CH sites were tasked to make the challenging final decision on who will bring home the 10,000 cash prize. Some of the criteria for judging include: 1.) Design of the mascot should be used to reflect UTalk’s corporate image, corporate culture, corporate vision or spirit, and corporate philosophy 2.) The mascot must suit the preference of the Chinese K12 age group and capture the interest and affection of students. The entries from different departments and groups had their respective interesting backstories which provided the judges a better understanding of how the designs came to be.

After thorough deliberation of the judges, the China Marketing Team was declared the Champion while two special awards along with corresponding cash prizes were given to the PH teams- Most Creative Award given to Earvin Canaveral, Paolo Vincent Julian and Juanito Ocumen (Software Development Team); Best Story Award won by Melvin Rivera (Human Resources Department). During the awarding ceremony, “Certificate of Appreciation” and tokens were given out to all participants of the said contest. Norhaine Dadula, Senior Operations Manager of UTalk, also personally thanked the winners as well as the participants and further encouraged everyone to take part in similar future activities.

UTalkers can look forward to more activities and contests that will further showcase their amazing talents and skills. 


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