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The Spelling Bee with a Twist Challenge
By HR and Communications Department
02 October 2018


On September 28, 2018 UTalkers had a field day participating in the “Spelling Bee with a Twist” contest held at both Abanao and Quezon Hill centers. Each team was represented by two of their team members in the said activity. The game was made even more exciting by the surprise exclusive UTalk tokens as prizes.

The Spelling Bee was in accordance with the celebration of the English Week. Its goal is to test the prowess of UTalkers in getting the correct spelling of the frequently misspelled words in the English language. Some words in the list appear to be very simple and widely used however, as it turned out, these words in most cases are among those that are incorrectly spelled.

Each participant was given 30 seconds to come up with their final answer. Most of them got the correct spelling at the first try. Meanwhile, those who got a bit confused were given a second chance wherein they successfully gave the correct answer.  Each took home the exclusive and limited edition UTalk umbrella as shown in these pictures.

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