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Fire Safety Orientation Seminar and Fire and Earthquake Drill
By Azalia Baguisa
14 March 2018

After a week-long vacation in celebration of the Spring Festival, UTalk employees in the City of Baguio attended the Fire Safety Orientation  as well as  the Fire and Earthquake Drill held at UTalk's First Road Quezon Hill office last February 22, 2018. The orientation on Fire Safety and Fire Drill was led by Mr. Leo Mendoza, our guest speaker from Baguio Fire Department,  while the Emergency Preparedness Lecture was facilitated by our very own company nurse Fretzie Salonga. 

Following the Seminar and Lecture was the fire drill with a demo on how to properly use a fire extinguisher and earthquake drill to practice proper action and response during an earthquake and fire incidents.

The activity gave awareness and importance on preventive measures not only for the benefit of UTalk employees but also for the bigger Baguio community. 

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