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UTALKER IN FOCUS: Elsie Aquiapao on Valuing Time
By HR and Communications Department
12 November 2018

“Time is a gift that most of us take for granted”- Cheryl Richardson

Many of us would say that we are very much aware that time is an essential part of human existence, if not right at the very core of life. We have different perspectives when it comes to its relevance and value. It seems perfectly fine that we agree to disagree on certain specifics about time particularly those that concern our personal lives.  Despite our individual pre-conceived opinions though, we still seem to take it for granted based on how we make use of this element.  

In this issue of UTalker in Focus, we got the chance to speak with Teacher Elsie Aquiapao of Team Dauntless Adarna about her thoughts on the value of time.

Question1: What comes to mind when you hear the word “time”?

Teacher Elsie:  Time is precious. It is more precious than money or even the most expensive things in the world. It is precious because once wasted, you can never get it back.

Question 2:  Why do you think we should all start valuing how we spend our time?

Teacher Elsie:  Time is fleeting and we can’t control it. So just like what I said earlier, if we waste time we can’t get it back. And if we value time, we also value the opportunities that come our way as well as other things that life has to offer.  

Question 3:  Do you ever think life as a race against time?

Teacher Elsie:  I don’t think life is a race against time. I think it’s an opportunity for me to do what God has commanded me to do and to maximize on those opportunities that will allow me to fully utilize time profitably. 

Question 4:  What’s your perception of the saying “We don’t waste time. We waste ourselves”?

Teacher Elsie:  I believe this is true especially when we keep doing things which are not right over and over again. For example, it’s not right to go to your workplace late yet you keep doing it. If this continues to be the case, you might lose opportunities, possible promotions and you might even end up losing your job.

Question5: When do you usually find yourself spending your time well?

Teacher Elsie:  I find myself spending my time well when I know that I’m able to do what is right for the day. So, let’s say in the workplace, I’m able to be good to my co-workers or whenever I have successfully followed what my bosses instructed me to do. It is when I know that what I have done is right as that would ultimately give me a sense of self fulfilment. I think these things can contribute to what we can call a well spent day.

Question 6:  Do you have any recollection of a point in your life when you wanted to turn back the hands of time?

Teacher Elsie: Yes, there were many times that I really wanted to turn back the hands of time especially for moments when I made bad decisions. One particular moment in my life that made a whole lot of difference on how I view the value of time happened a few years ago. See, our family went through a difficult time when my mom got really sick. Since I’m the second to the eldest child, I took it upon myself to help out with the expenses by getting a job. I had to choose my career over personally taking care of my mom. At that time, I thought that if I choose to earn more money it could make my mother well. Unfortunately, that didn’t happen. So, looking back, the time I didn’t get to spend with her while she was still with us was a missed opportunity. We didn’t have much time to talk about life, how I should take care of my own family and other things that a mother and daughter usually share. But with those experiences, I came to know how to make better decisions. I learned how to be more mature on how I deal with situations.

Question 7:  Some say that we make time for what we feel is most important in our lives. Why do you think this is the case for most people?

Teacher Elsie: We make time for the most important people in our lives because we know what needs to be prioritized the most. For example, your friend invites you to a simple get together after not seeing each other for a long while. Naturally, you would make time to show your friend that you value the relationship. You spend time with her/him. Moments that you make sure would be something to be remembered. Now, THAT’S investing in your relationship.

Question 8:  Do you agree that people can always make money; but, no one can ever regain a time lost?

Teacher Elsie:  I strongly agree with that because time is precious. Time is a very strong and powerful element more than anything in this world. Once it’s lost you can’t get it back. Today can be gone in a few hours or minutes. Whereas money is something we can gain anytime we want, provided that we work hard. We can work tomorrow, today, or later. But each and every person is equally given 1,440 minutes every day. You can have more money than me for a day because of our difference in job designation, but when it comes to time, we are all equal. So, it’s up to you how you make these minutes count and just how productive you will be.

Question 9:  What are some best practices you can share with othersa about "time"?

Teacher Elsie:   Time is really precious. As a teacher, I make time for preparations before my classes. I believe that the more you prepared the more successes that you’ll have,and ultimately,  the more that you’ll have good results. On the other hand, if you are constantly late for work, you might not have enough time to prepare. Consequently, you might even lose your job, or yes, even bring forth negativities around you.

Question 10:  Any final thoughts about valuing time?

Teacher Elsie:   I’m Teacher Elsie from Team Dauntless Adarna and I believe we should value time because time is precious once lost we can never get it back. So, spend your time wisely.


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