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"Paskong Pistang Pinoy"
By HR and Communications Department
27 December 2018


Joining the spirit of the Christmas holidays, UTalk held its yearly Christmas Party tradition on December 19, 2018.  It was a night of celebration, fun games, raffle draw prizes, good food and the ever-present essence of Filipino Family. With this year’s theme of “Paskong Pistang Pinoy” (Filipino Christmas Feast), tenured and new employees of UTalk gathered together at the Quezon Hill site amidst the welcoming cold night breeze of Baguio City.


The party kicked-off with the traditional welcome remarks from Operations Support Manager, Stephanie Dawn Arellano, followed by the first game of the night. The game focused on getting the contestants to eat Filipino local delicacy called “Suman” (rice cake) the fastest, while the pairs were blindfolded. The game elicited quite a good laugh from the other UTalkers as the pairs came up with different ways of achieving the end goal of the game. Another fun-filled game geared towards testing team agility and creativity was the “Longest Straw Challenge”. In this game, three teams of 10 were tasked to create the longest possible straight line of drinking straws in 2 minutes, with each member taking turns in attaching the straws one after the other. The competition went down the wire as 2 teams came really close to each other in terms of the length of their straw line. Ultimately however, the winning team was the one that had a mere 2 inches of advantage. Talk about a close fight! Capping-off the games for the night was another pair-up activity where the goal was to showcase the best looking gift wrapping skills. Excitement escalated as the contestants encountered varying difficulties in accomplishing the task due to the main restriction which was doing the wrapping using only one hand of each pair. The winning pair received nods of approval from the Department Heads who served as judges.


Aside from the games, the night was also filled with raffle draws with exciting prizes given away throughout the program. It can be said that this is the highlight of the night as each UTalker hoped and anticipated with bathed breath if he/she will get to bring home one of the coveted prizes. Big winners include Marife Manuel of the Quality Assurance and Training Team (3rd prize), Richemem Medes of the Teacher Support Team (2nd prize), and Janine Dayao of Team Leslie (Grand Prize). Other than the major prizes, several minor prizes were also given away with the help of Department Heads present – Collin Abul (Quality Assurance and Training Department), Melvin Rivera (HR and Communications Department), Brandy Aluyao (Education Department), Don Lagadan (Software and Application Development Department), and Cristina Austria (Lesson Development Department).

A special set of gifts were also given to the House Keeping team as simple tokens of appreciation for their year-round providing diligent service in maintaining the cleanliness of both the Abanao and Quezon Hill sites. Closing the event, Senior Operations Manager, Norhaine Dadula thanked everyone who attended the party and wished UTalkers blessed holidays.




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