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Baby's Day Out on Mother's Day
By HR and Communications Department
06 June 2018

UTalk celebrated Mother’s Day last May 11, 2018 at the Quezon Hill center via an event dubbed as “Baby’s Day Out on Mother’s Day”. The activity aimed to give UTalk moms and their adorable kids, ages 2-5 yrs old, a fun-filled morning.

The program which was spearheaded by the Talent Acquisition and Communications (TAC) Department, started with a short getting-to-know you portion. Kids were asked of their names and their Mother’s Day message. The kids gamely answered with their respective simple but heartfelt Mother’s Day messages, much to the delight of their very proud parents. Afterwards, the kids were asked to gather around the stage where the puppet show will be held. Intending to highlight on the importance of the Filipino trait of perseverance and strong-will, the puppet show was entitled “Si Kuneho and si Pagong”.

The kids were awed by the colourful puppets and engaged to closely listen to the animated voices of our volunteer puppeteers from the Education Department: Jefferson Rufino (narrator), Christine Pelor (Kuneho), Marjorie Bronola (Pagong), and Mirriam Abela (Matsing). The puppet show ended with enthusiastic claps from the moms and kids alike.

As no celebration is complete without food, the kids got to enjoy a simple snack after the puppet show. Their respective moms of course lovingly attended to their kids making sure that they enjoyed their meal. Later on, the kids got to play together as they were enamoured by the colourful balloons placed around the activity area.

The event ended with the kids and moms taking a group picture with smiles on their faces. Indeed, this is but a simple gesture to say "Thank you" to our UTalk moms.  Your sacrifices, love, patience, hard work and care will always be appreciated. Again, Happy Mother’s Day!

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